Melody Grey is a first-time author, thrilled to have reached her childhood dreams of becoming a published author. She has a vast imagination, loves to dabble in poetry and photography. When she’s not writing, she’s learning, sightseeing, watching T.V. shows on Netflix, hanging out with friends and diving into new adventures.

She published a paranormal romance novel called, “Love, Risk & Insanity.” It’s about a girl named Lacy who is caught up in hallucinations. She starts to see herself as someone named Lucy and begins to see things that are not there. In the midst of everything, she meets Derek, a wealthy painter. Life brought them together for a good reason. There is more to them than meets the eye. If Lacy thought life was hard, she better fasten her seatbelt. Life is about to get even harder when her hallucinations take a life of its own. This book is written in first person point of view. Both Lacy and Derek share their point of view on how they met. You’ll get a glimpse of Derek’s and Lacy’s individual life before their lives get even messier. This is the first book in a potential book series. Future books will be lengthier, so if you enjoyed the introduction to this series, get ready for more!

If you are interested in the paranormal, romance, mystery, thrillers or new adult novels, be sure to check out her book.

You can read the first pages for free on Amazon. She also creates and sells bookmarks. Be sure to check them out before you leave.

If you click here, it will direct you to Amazon where you can purchase the Kindle version for $3.99. If you click here, it will direct you to Amazon where you can buy the paperback version for $7.99.

Author’s Note:

What did I think when I created my characters? I love Lacy’s character, but I’m not a big fan of the male protagonist, at least not in the beginning. You’ll understand what I mean if you read my book. On the bright side, as characters do and as people do, Derek changes over time. You’ll see the change throughout the book and even more in the upcoming books.